Mar 3, 2011

What is Picasaweb?

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In this digital age we all like to take lots of pics and storing them. Some of us also are professional photographers and would like to share our skills with others. To help such budding photographers, there are many sites where they can upload their pics. One of the best is Flickr which is owned by Yahoo.

Google on other hand, started with giving space just to store your pics, and then gradually went on ahead for a platform for sharing them. Picasaweb is the service they provide.

- You can upload upto 1Gb of Pics on picasaweb, its Free.
- 1Gb translates into 1000's of your pics, which are safe on the web, and down loadable whenever you want.
- Sharing is easier and fully customizable. You can share with contacts from your Gmail account.
- You can tag people and then just filter on them to have a look at all their pics.
- You can edit pics with different features.
- Add the places where you have taken the pics.

What more is they have integrated a super useful application 'Picasa' with Picasaweb. Picasa is a wonderful application which helps you organize, edit, and share your photos. You can directly upload pics to your Picasa account, and hence save your pics from being coincidently deleted.

And the cream on the cake is a 20GB space for just 5$