Jun 23, 2014

[Root] How To Get Nexus CRT Screen Off Animation on Galaxy Grand

Ever since i had my Galaxy S2, i always wanted a cool animation on my phone. But sadly Samsung plays it cool, and doesn't include any animations on their models. Not Even S2, not Grand or others.

Hence i had to resort to different methods to get it the cool CRT closing animation from Nexus series on my galaxy grand. So to get this your phone should be rooted, and have Xposed installed. If you do not know what rooting is, please read a lot on the subject, as it can brick (permanently damage, leading to a brick in your hand) your phone.

You can install Xposed from the this link. Install version 2.6.1 (as of 23/6/14) as it's the latest stable version. Reboot your phone. Once rebooted, open Xposed Installer, and go to the Downloads section, search for ScreenOffAnimation and download it. It will ask for an install prompt, select Install.

Once installed, go to the Modules section of Xposed Installed and tick the box against the recently installed module ScreenOffAnimation. Reboot and open up the app for further options.

You have the following option for Screen Off Animations
  1. Fade
  2. CRT (Horizontal)
  3. CRT (Vertical)
  4. Scale Down
  5. TV Burn In
  6. LG Optimus G
  7. Fade Tiles
  8. Random
For a slow smooth animation keep the Speed setting more than 500ms. For faster animation (which i prefer) set it to 250ms

For Screen On animations you get the following options
  1.  Fade
  2. Scale Down
  3. LG Optimus G
  4. Fade Tiles
  5. Random
Similar to Screen Off, set the speed at 250ms for faster animation.

If you love the app, please give thanks to its developer 'zst123' on XDA. Also share it with your Samsung friends

May 26, 2014

My Experience of Gmail's New Inbox

Update May 2014:
So, it has been a full year i have been using the autocategorization in Gmail. And it has been a fantastic experience. If you have heard of zero inbox, but never got to it, give this a try. My Primary inbox is now zero in size, only the most important are in there, others are categorized into appropriate tabs, and they reduce the noise in the inbox.

If you still haven't tried it yet, you can do it now.


Google is reinventing email again, by making the inbox more usable.

The new design will be deployed to all users in the coming weeks, but you can have a look at the design in the video below.

What's impressive is the way it decides the categorization. It looks like google's algorithms are working at full capacity finding trends in the mails content and segregating it in different folders. They have an option for auto sorting the mails, but i didnt find it up to my usage. 

I will update the post once more when it comes out to describe the features and what i liked or disliked about it.

Mar 24, 2014

How to stop Showing 'Last Seen' Time in What's App

After the $19 billion acquisition by Facebook, there are some great times ahead for What's app. Having such a big recognition is well deserved. But there is one feature we always wanted for our privacy. We always wanted to hide our last seen status from others. And with the latest update from What's app, this is possible.

Just go to Setting - Account - Privacy

There is a new setting under privacy, named 'Who can see my personal info' which has sub option 'Last seen'

You can see the option to
      • Everyone
        • My Contacts
          • Nobody
Just select the privacy setting you want and you are good to go.

Jan 1, 2014

Top Posts of 2013 : A Recap

The year that went was a wonderful year with new product launches, unknown services getting mainstream attention, new power players and total craziness.

Here on Beginner's Web, we worked hard to help others get a solution for a problem which bugged them OR would have bugged them. Below are some of the posts which took center stage here at Beginner's Web

Google introduced a major change in their Maps service and coming from a data background i can say they have done wonders. Pics from seperate people get combined to give a full picture/panoroma of a place you want. You can view different angles, get tiny buildings on maps which gives you  a  good sense of location, better UI than before, amazing integration of different places, and much more.

People can be dumb, and especially when they use smartphones. They don't just realize that you can just search, and that's why someone created 'Let me Google That for You'. Where you can search for the term a person is asking and send him the link, which shows him how to Google. The best slap on the face :)

 Want to save money, here's a nice tip. Buy Windows Basic install this software and get all the jazz of Windows Ultimate

 Until pirate bay comes up with an non website solution to their domain problems, you can use Bittorrent Surf, which lets you download torrents right from your browser.

Here's a cheers to the year that was. And the Year to come.

Happy new 2014.